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A Division of
Cromwell United


"There are two things that customers typically want
– cost efficient solutions and widespread products availability."

A division of Cromwell UK was established for this exact purpose. We wanted to help customers of Polysun source solutions more efficiently and effectively reduce the production cost.

Our global supply network helps us do that, with our longstanding partners across Europe, the Americas, Central and Eastern Asia, Australasia and South Africa.

Coupled with our own presence and expertise as a global purchaser and supplier, we believe that we are well placed to help you with your sourcing needs.


Everything you need – from engineers well versed in various production methods and standards, a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory, a world-class marketing department, and state of the art AutoCAD facilities.

Through our vast network of partners, we will endeavor to help you identify regions best suited to supply the products you enquire at lower cost.

No matter what type of products you are looking for or the size of your order, we will consider all enquiries. Our goal ultimately is to help you find a solution that suits you.

Simply send in your enquiry and we’ll take care of the rest.